Magento News Weekly #073: Truths About Customer Loyalty, Magento Marketplace Updated, Interview With Syed Muneeb, and Tutorials!

Keeping up with the tradition of rounding up the most important Magento news every week, we’re back with another issue. This time we have some interesting interviews and many resourceful guides for you!

Did you know that over 65% of your customers never check back on your online store for further purchases? If not, then you need to take a look at these 3 amazing truths about customer loyalty that will help you retain your customers!

Magento Marketplace is a great way for developers and ecommerce store owners to purchase themes and extensions etc. However, an updated Magento Marketplace is even better, isn’t it? Yes, now it is available with Magento Commerce (cloud) for a far superior experience.

Since most of your customers are mobile in this era, it is but crucial for you to ensure that your mobile channels are optimized to the max. Your brand must be aware of how mobile activities are changing with time, and these 11 core imperatives will help you do just that!

Here are the interviews of Magento Influencers for the week:

Interview with Andra Elena Lungu by Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan

Interview with Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan by Vitaly Gonkov

Tutorials and Articles for the Week:

Testing Magento’s XMLRPC API by Robert Egginton

What is Magento? by Sunyyan Junaid

Magento 2 – Mass Backend Actions by Adrian Szulc

How to Create Custom Shipping Module and Method in Magento 2 by Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan

Easily Add Custom Javascript to Magento 2 by Jesse Maxwell

The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing by Sunyyan Junaid

And that brings our weekly round up to a conclusion. We hope that these resources help you in your ecommerce endeavors, so see you next week for another round of Magento News Weekly!

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